REZMATE  (Smart Solution for Room Reservations)

Rezmate is a modular but integrated system covering all the functional areas of Hotel Management. Each of the modules can be operated either individually or integrated to any of the main modules. An extensive application that will automate all the activities of a Hospitality Organization, interlinking, Purchase, Store, Inventory, Restaurant, Billing and Accounts.
The main modules of Rezmate are as follows:

Restaurant Management
Stock Management System
Periodical Reports
The General Features in the Key modules are described below:

General Master Entries
Company Master
Warehouse Master (For Eg:Bar, Kitchen etc)
Stock Point Master (Under each Warehouse)
Supplier Creation
Master Entries
Category Creation
Item Master with Opening Stock of Each Stock Point (With Setting of ROL)
Supplier Master
Menu Master with Rate Settings
Waiter Master
Table Master
Consumption Master for each Menu (Consumption of Raw materials)
Purchase Return
Request Form (From each Stock Point to another)
Stock Transfer
Stock Consumption (Automatic and can be Updated)
Additional Daily Stock Consumption
Damage Stock Entry (Stock Point Wise)
Billing (According to KOT or Direct)
Bill Settlement
Sales Rate Updations (for each Item)
Purchase Register
Purchase Return Register
Request Report (for each Stock Point to another)
Stock Transfer Report
Consumption Report (According to Ware House and According to KOT in Kitchen)
Items Movement Register (Category wise, Product wise or Full)
Stock Register
ROL Report (For Each Item or Category or Fully)
Damage Stock Register
Sales Report (Category wise, Recipe wise, or Full)
Cancelled KOT (Details)
Master Entries
Creating Chart of accounts
Ledger Creation
Bank Master
Cheque Book Master (According to each Bank)
Cash Voucher
Bank Voucher
Bank ReconcialtionEntry
Journal Entries
Cash Book
Bank Book
Bank Reconciation
Statement Ledger
Trial Balance